About Us

Rules For Happiness

  • Children must be supervised by an adult caretaker AT ALL TIMES.
  • All children must have a signed WAIVER on file in order to enter the play area.
  • If your child exhibits any of the following symptoms, they may not come in & play:
    • Fever of 100 degrees or more
    • Vomiting or diarrhea within the last 24 hours
    • Nasal secretions that are thick, yellow or green
    • Cough, especially coughing up of mucus
    • Eye discharge or conjunctivitis (pink eye)

    Get well soon & come back when you‛re feeling better

  • No SHOES, FOOD, DRINKS or STROLLERS are permitted beyond the gate.
  • Adults must wear socks at all times.
  • Snacks are allowed in the designated reception area only.
  • Diapers must only be changed in the restroom.
  • Adults and children over 10 years of age are prohibited from playing on the equipment.
  • Please clean up and put toys away before leaving.
  • Have fun and be HAPPY!

Happy Place Kid‛s Gym reserves the right to refuse service to anyone that does not abide by our rules. These rules are for the safety and health of all children who play here, including your own. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Thank you for helping us keep our play area clean and safe!

We are not a licensed daycare facility

***Socks Are Required For Adults***

happy family of four playing at a park

Our Values

  • Choose Happiness
  • Acceptance is Love
  • Discover Happiness Through Play.
  • Positive Thinking is Powerful
  • You Are Very Important
  • Have Patience
  • Laughter is Contagious
  • Let’s All Play Together
  • Celebrate Our Differences
  • Endless Fun!